Our Philosophy

We believe in widening the potential of floristry to engage with the aesthetic, taking it into original spaces. As a result, our students learn how to develop their own style, bringing dynamic new visual concepts to life.

Creative Vision

We teach more than just traditional flower arranging. We demonstrate a range of styles to engage students with the various techniques of floristry, giving them a background against which to define themselves and their work. We don’t believe in one approach; this enables students to master traditional skills alongside the development of their own authentic eye for composition.

Passionate about cultivating students’ creative vision

Our students are given the conceptual space to develop a rapport with the materials they fashion – and they are challenged to reinterpret them in the context of their own arrangements. We believe that this leads to knowledge, competency, and innovation. Our tutors help students to transform this creative outpouring into real artistry: a skilful expression through the medium of flowers.

This means that students are encouraged to play with their own aesthetic limitations and decide for themselves what constraints apply to the use of colour and shape. Empowering people with this creative freedom at the inception of their journey leads to more engaged students, who possess the confidence to address themes of floristry in bold, new, and exciting ways.

This approach benefits florists and floristry. It nurtures new voices in the industry, which feel a greater connection to their work, having had the freedom to truly make it their own. And it allows flower arranging to turn away from the stale forms of the past, reinventing itself through the eyes and hands of new generations that have been empowered to innovate their, and our, craft.

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